Inotrope Therapy Products


4000 CMS™

The 4000 CMS is a multi-therapy infusion system with flexible communication capabilities. It helps ensure faster, safer, more accurate programming of complex infusion protocols and helps reduce data entry related medication errors.

Inotrope Therapy

Infusion, LLC is an experienced home infusion provider for patients needing inotrope therapy. The common inotropic medications used include Milrinone (Primacore), Dopamine and Dobutamine. The inotropes work to enlarge the vessels and help the heart contract harder. Both of these actions help more blood to be pumped from the heart into the body.

Inotrope therapy is used for heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart can’t pump enough blood through the body. There are many causes of heart failure. These include coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart valves, heart attack and irregular heart rhythms. Diabetes and lung disorders can also cause heart failure.

The most common symptoms of heart failure are shortness of breath (dyspnea), fatigue, weight gain, swelling in arms and legs (edema), loss of appetite, a persistent cough and an increased heart rate.

When orders are received by the physician to provide home inotrope therapy, Infusion, LLC will provide the medication, pump and supplies needed to administer the therapy safely and effectively in the patient’s home. The ongoing monitoring by our clinical staff includes (but not limited to), lab trending, weights, monitoring signs/symptoms, side effects, and vital signs as reported. Findings are discussed with the physician as weight fluctuations or side effects may change inotrope dosing.

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